Stream: Alex the Astronaut shares the gleeful folktronica of “Holes in the Story”

holes in the storyCosmic storyteller Alex the Astronaut has just released her second single, "Holes in the Story".

A gleeful folktronica track, "Holes in the Story" takes a different and interesting look at old cliches. It's a story about people breaking the mould, following the story of 'the bad guy' who smiles with his son, and a young couple who don't fit the fairytale image we're all exposed to all too often.

Sydney born Alex the Astronaut is currently living in New York on a soccer scholarship while studying Math and Physics. She chose that major to appease her strong sense of curiosity, something that comes through strongly in her music. As "Holes in the Story" aptly demonstrates, Alex is all about questioning the things that most of us take for granted.

Recorded with and produced by Benjamin McCarthy (GordiKate Miller-Heidke), it's a great piece of modern storytelling, captivating the listener's attention from beginning to end. On the strength of this and previous single "Half of 21st Street", Alex the Astronaut has nowhere to go but upwards.

"Holes in the Story " is out now from all digital retailers.

Find out more about Alex the Astronaut on her website and stream "Holes in the Story" below:


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