5 Top Tracks From Last Week
Phew, what a (few) weeks! DW Editor Tiffany has been away for an overdue holiday, which means the new music tips have wracked up to epic proportions. ...more
Interview: Siv Jakobsen on the magic behind Nordic Mellow
Siv Jakobsen is something special. Her beautifully constructed debut album, The Nordic Mellow, was self-released back in August 2017 to rave reviews, ...more
Chelsea Wolfe hits a new reverb high on Hiss Spun
Reverb. Lots of it. To an extent, you know what you're going to get with a Chelsea Wolfe record. Or you will do by now if you've ever listened to her...more
Kenilworth Arts Festival 2017 @ Abbey Fields, Kenilworth, 17/09/2017
Located to the south of Coventry, Kenilworth is a small town most notable for its 12th Century castle and surrounding parkland. This beautiful scenery...more
5 Top Tracks from Last Week
Now that the festival season has closed for another year, it's time to wipe off the face paint and get back to serious business - and nothing is more ...more
Interview: Kiran Leonard on life, death, and Manchester Central Library
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Top 10 Tori Amos Songs of All Time
Tori Amos is an industry powerhouse. As a songwriter and performing artist she’s contributed 15 solo studio full lengths, 12 soundtracks, three grea...more
Festival No 6 2017 @ Portmeirion, Wales, 07-10/09/2017
Tucked away in a rural corner of North Wales, Festival No 6 2017 caters to the intrepid explorer in a way that no other music festival in the UK can. ...more
Thumpers hunger for peace of mind on Whipped & Glazed
For some reason, the new Thumpers album centres around food. We say 'for some reason' because it's hard to focus on lyrical themes when the music is...more
Ones to Watch at Festival N°6 2017
Tucked away in a corner of the UK, there's a town called Portmeirion. It's not like the Welsh towns that surround it. Designed and built by Sir Clough...more