Tycho @ Oval Space, London, 26/03/2014
If you’ve ever found yourself meandering through the back streets of North East London near Bethnal Green, you might have come across Oval Space. Fr...more
Tycho – Awake
As a huge fan of Tycho’s 2011 album Dive, there was a not-so-subdued excitement when Scott Hansen’s latest ambient album emerged in my inbox. Alon...more
Cataldo – Gilded Oldies
Cataldo have always had a somewhat relaxed and horizontal sound. Gilded Oldies continues along this line of thinking, but there are many more layers t...more
Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Wanderlust
Sailing off the back of her Strictly Come Dancing wave of fame, Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s timing couldn’t be more perfect. The result of her foray in...more
Nadine Carina, Lolo @ Birthdays, London, 19/11/13
Nadine Carina wanders on stage to a fairly sparse crowd. It’s only 8pm after all; the night’s young for the hipsters of Dalston. While Lolo is kn...more
Orchestra of Spheres – Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music
Being lucky enough to write for such a diverse selection of music as DrunkenWerewolf’s means you never know what or who you’ll come across. Certai...more
Olivia Sebastianelli – Perfect Getaway EP
Cast under the genre of pop, the husky tones and political agenda of Olivia Sebastianelli’s lyrics suggest a lady far beyond her 19 years. The poet ...more
Tunng – Turbines
Tunng have come on leaps and bounds since forming in 2003. Having released four albums previously, their latest has received the great amount of atte...more
Sophie Delila @ The Louisiana, Bristol, 19/05/13
Having seen Melanie Pain at Thekla a few weeks previous, there was an eagerness to see what her Nouvelle Vague band mate Sophie Delila had to offer. ...more
CocoRosie – Tales of a Grass Widow
The two sisters have named their music “freak folk” and you can see why. With a mix of pop, indie, blues and even opera all intertwined through el...more



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