Little Comets – The Sanguine EP
Little Comets are fans of nice words. You might already know, but if you didn’t; the dictionary definition of “sanguine”, for instance, is to ...more
Luke Sital-Singh @ The Lantern, Bristol, 15/09/2014
Colston Hall’s baby sibling of a venue, The Lantern, has carpeted floors. You might think this an irrelevant observation: you’re wrong. In between...more
Interview: Luke Sital-Singh
Luke Sital-Singh is a self-proclaimed pessimist. He describes himself as a “melancholy chap” by default, with a “glass half empty” outlook on...more
Introducing: Freddie Dickson
Freddie Dickson is young, raw, bitter and signed to Columbia Records. Why? He’s young because, well, he wasn’t born very long ago. He’s raw beca...more
Bestival 2014 @ Isle of Wight, 04/09/2014 – 07/09/2014
If you surround a really big disco ball with 50,000 revellers, treat them to a miniature heatwave and plonk them on an island, what do you get? A Dese...more
BANKS – Goddess
The name’s Banks, Jillian Banks. Or, if you’re shouting about her like plenty of people seem to be doing; BANKS. Armed with enviably high cheekb...more
Ones to Watch at Bestival 2014
What is Bestival if not a glittery, fairy tale of a parallel universe? Well, a festival, I suppose. But with enchanted forests and inflatable churches...more
Why Argentina’s attempt at Lollapalooza 2014 sucked
I had high hopes for Lollapalooza Argentina. Why shouldn’t I? Held in a swanky Buenos Aires suburb, boasting Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arcade Fire o...more
East India Youth @ The Louisiana, Bristol, 04/02/2014
The first thing to remember about live music at The Louisiana is that, if the artist in question incorporates any instrument besides the acoustic guit...more
Interview: Paul Thomas Saunders on Beautiful Desolation
So far, Paul Thomas Saunders has two EPs to his name. Listening to them, you’d be forgiven for presuming the owner of the voice to be a timid sort...more