Isle of Wight Festival 2014 @ Isle of Wight, 12/06/2014 – 15/06/2014
With wellies at the ready and a waterproof at the waist, what a double-edged sword it is to discover that not only is the Isle of Wight in direct 30 d...more
Introducing: The Flight
Making a stamp on the music industry isn’t easy, but this dynamite-duo know what they’re doing. The Flight, also known as Joe Henson and Alexis Sm...more
Sea Stacks – The High Tide EP
Next time you’re graced with the opportunity to sunbathe in 30 degree weather with an ice cold cloudy lemonade to sip on and a surfboard next to y...more
Interview: Bela Takes Chase
Being beautiful can sometimes be a curse. There’s always the underlying problem of having to prove that you are so much more than just a pretty fa...more
Aly Tadros – The Fits
Love lives would be so much cooler if they had a soundtrack to them. Whether you’re pining for the prefect bloke or walking away from one, it woul...more
Interview: Benjamin Francis Leftwich
With his new album Last Smoke before the Storm, Northern star Benjamin Francis Leftwich is shining bigger and brighter than ever. Like his prior EP P...more
Mumford & Sons – Babel
At last, after two painstakingly long years, the awaited masterpiece from Mumford & Sons has arrived. Babel, produced by Mark Dravs, is noticeabl...more
Joe Lewis – Branches EP
The only way I could describe this album to you would be to compare it to a salad. It’s fresh, it’s raw and it’s definitely good for you. Newp...more