Anja McCloskey – An Estimation
Some music is so hard to review because it’s impossible to grasp hold of. It slithers and slips between headings. An Estimation by Anja McCloskey fa...more
Correatown – Pleiades
There’s a summertime dreaminess about this album, like a haze rising from distant tarmac through which blue skies are shimmering in the distortion o...more
Kyla La Grange – Ashes
There is fragility about Kyla La Grange. She possesses the kind of physical beauty that defies belief and completely distracts from the person. She co...more
I Am Harlequin – Craze EP
I Am Harlequin is the persona of London based Anne Freier. Born of cultured environs in Dresden before the wall came down she’s an idiosyncratic w...more
Jesca Hoop – The House That Jack Built
Since her first outing with Silverscreen Demos in 2004 the complete canon of Jesca Hoop is not vast, but then again quality is always better than quan...more