Introducing: Snail Mail
For most musicians, the only person or persons you expect to ask permission from is your manager or label. To be 'independent' generally means not hav...more
Introducing: King Princess
I regularly find myself having the same argument with one of my close friends - is it what you know, or who you know? I'm a proponent of the former wh...more
Introducing: Launder
If you want a subtle marker for the sound of the artist I'm introducing today, there are perhaps no better places to look than a forest. Or rather, "A...more
Introducing: Pink Skies
The self-dubbed 'escapism pop' of Pink Skies has an infectious charm and a groove that is guaranteed to get you dancing. The Oakland-based singer song...more
Introducing: Adwaith
I'm happy to learn I'm not the only person who's relied on their mum for band name inspiration. Adwaith found their name when one of their mums aske...more
Introducing: Post Precious
A couple of weeks ago I introduced you all to LPX, aka Lizzy Plapinger, one-half of alt-pop superstars MS MR. Well, the other half (Max Hershenow) has...more
Introducing: Dante
Dante are a band whose music truly conveys a sense of their roots. The Scottish 6-piece, fronted by singer-songwriter Sean McLaughlin, have been rel...more
Introducing: Holy Motors
Many of us may have wondered what it would be like to attend our own funeral. Well, Holy Motors, a dream pop five-piece hailing from Tallinn, Estonia,...more
Rae Morris is the “fiercely capable” pop star we need today
Blackpool’s pop darling Rae Morris has enjoyed a rapid rise to the top over a few short years, since first gaining recognition with several high pro...more
Introducing: Llovers
Love is a complicated game. Some play to win; others play to lose and write songs about it. Based on their music, up and coming quintet Llovers deci...more