The Mountain Goats @ Trinity Centre, Bristol, 17/11/2015
The year is 1985. American professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes faces his arch nemesis Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He is def...more
Parklife 2015 @ Manchester, 06-07/06/15
“All the people, so many people” - 140,000, to be exact, as we pull up to Heaton Park, overwhelmed by the stifling crowds ahead of us. We wander a...more
Fucked Up @ Exchange, Bristol, 24/05/2015
A misleading title of sorts, Fucked Up’s music may be aggressive, but as far as the hardcore scene is concerned they’re one of the friendliest ba...more
Ones to Watch at Parklife 2015
As Manchester’s Parklife triumphantly approaches its 6th year, could this be the festival’s most diverse line-up to date? The Warehouse Project ...more
Purity Ring @ Anson Rooms, Bristol, 03/05/2015
“Students. Students everywhere. Is that guy wearing a Toy Story all-over shirt? Is that girl wearing a bridal dress? Why haven't I been served yet? ...more
Placebo @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 19/03/2015
I’ve never seen a queue this long in Bristol before. Fans are spread across Colston Hall’s many floors, applying one another’s eyeliner as they ...more
The Go! Team – The Scene Between
Kicking things off with the descending sound of fizzy pop being poured into your ears, The Go! Team couldn’t have picked a more fitting way to open...more
Chilly Gonzales – Chambers
“I’m Chilly Gonzales, the musical genius,” he boasts. “The whole megalomania tag that I get is very deserved,” he remarks in interviews. And...more
Vessels – Dilate
Watching Vessels evolve from humble beginnings has been nothing short of mesmerising. Starting life as another great act in the post-rock canon - the ...more
Y CVn – Seducted
Y CVn refuse to slow down. The Bristol based two-piece have thrashed our favourite pubs, venues and caravans over eighteen short months thus far, all ...more

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