Infinite Worlds is a brave step out for Vagabon
Lætitia Tamko is acutely, painfully aware of the chasm that can stretch between forefinger and thumb. Adolescence is the perfect metaphor for Infini...more
Heba is a debut for the ages from Lowly
“Cait #2” arrives less than halfway through Heba, the debut album from Danish quintet Lowly. At two minutes and thirty seconds, it operates as an...more
The Dears mark incendiary return with Times Infinity Volume One
The Dears always felt like the weird cousin of the '00s Canadian indie scene, trying to cover the darker elements of every other Montreal band, then p...more
Trials & Truths provides more of the former for Horse Thief
At the turn of the last decade, you couldn’t swing a cat in a Pitchfork feature without grazing a few plaintive indie-rock faces: Grizzly Bear, Arca...more
Delisted in the Auditorium: Why Live Music Still Matters in 2017
I don’t know about you, but thumbing through the sermon of click bait evangelists, I feel like it’s harder than ever to establish what new music i...more
Japandroids lose their way on Near to the Wild Heart of Life
The best thing about Canadian duo Japandroids is that you know what you've signed up for: songs about late nights and early disappointments, whisky ...more
The invincible hush of Julie Byrne’s Not Even Happiness
"It was the first warm afternoon of the year. I walked alongside the Atlantic as the Earth came alive for the sun. There was a palpable sense of emerg...more
Mouse on the Keys’ Out of Body is your new favourite Japanese jazz rock album
Who are Mouse on the Keys? Two pianists, a drummer. They’ve just made an album called Out of Body. And? And it's dreaming out loud. And I’d say ...more
Introducing: Trills
Not many bands can claim to have had one of their songs used on both a film about the suffragette movement and a remake of Disney classic Pete’s Dra...more
Introducing: Malihini
Malihini, for those of you unfamiliar with either Hawaiian or Lilo & Stitch, is essentially the island state’s word for a newcomer. Which is fit...more