Diet Cig bottle power pop lightning on Swear I’m Good At This
Did it occur to you to stop for a moment and think about what all this might be doing to the kids? Do you even know where you left them? Like a beleag...more
Pure Comedy and the infuriating charm of Father John Misty
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San Fermin step out of the shadows on Belong
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British Sea Power return to glory with Let the Dancers Inherit the Party
Say what you like about British Sea Power, you can’t fault their industry. Since their last studio album, 2013’s lukewarm Machineries of Joy, the ...more
Lydia Ainsworth’s eclectic vision narrows on Darling of the Afterglow
Shooting night scenes like a police photographer, Lydia Ainsworth works in the palette that she knows best: pitch black, pallor white, autopsy violet....more
Tall Ships come to a crossroads with Impressions
For the great pessimist Schopenhauer, the will to life was an aberration, a balled fist from humanity’s lowest reach that existed to be overcome. So...more
Interview: Plants and Animals on battling ego and charming the UK
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Semper Femina finds Laura Marling at her sensual best
On “How Can I”, from Laura Marling’s 2015 paean to life as a Los Angeles transplant Short Movie, the singer-songwriter issued a battle cry of so...more
The Magnetic Fields unite comedy and tragedy on 50 Song Memoir
For any other artist, an album comprising 50 explicitly autobiographical songs for each year of their life would be seen as the height of narcissism, ...more
The Dears, Plants and Animals @ The Fleece, Bristol, 25/02/17
If you don't follow my album reviews with the same religious zeal that Paul Nuttall followed Liverpool's 1989 FA Cup run, you may not be aware that I...more