Waxahatchee’ Great Thunder is too damp to cause a storm
What a crushing feeling it is to put on a new record by a beloved artist only to find that you’ve been saddled with the 'change of direction' EP. O...more
Green Man 2018 @ Brecon Beacons, 17-19/08/2018
Green Man 2018 has the cleanest festival toilets possibly in the world. By dint of constant attention and a corralling of gents with simple needs into...more
BC Camplight’s music overcomes biography on Deportation Blues
Brian Christinzio’s backstory has often threatened to overshadow the music of his alter alias BC Camplight, to the extent it’s almost easier to fi...more
Basement Revolver smother us in Heavy Eyes
Sounding distinctly like a languid version of fellow Ontarians Alvvays, Basement Revolver sleepily came into our purview a couple of years back with s...more
Ones to Watch at Green Man 2018
It’s not every festival that offers showings of Czech New Wave classic Daisies, separate listings for performing and visual arts, and an invitation ...more
Titus Andronicus return in a glory of flames with A Productive Cough
It’s funny: A Productive Cough is ostensibly the least punk thing that Titus Andronicus have put out in their 10-year career. And yet we need only...more
Cosmo Pyke @ The Garage, London, 31/01/2018
We should have anticipated this. A sold-out show for Cosmo Pyke - a Brit School-trained musician/model/skateboarder, yet to break the 20-year mark of ...more
Hookworms go macroshift with Microshift
Microshift is the third album proper from Leeds five-piece Hookworms, following on from 2014’s The Hum. For those familiar with their oeuvre up to t...more
PBR Streetgang fail to hit the mark on Late Night Party Line
Late Night Party Line is the debut album from PBR Streetgang – not a posse of youths with a penchant for rakish sandwich fillings, but a pair of Yor...more
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club bring surprises on Wrong Creatures
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have long been in hot contention for the worst-named band in contemporary music (Cigarettes After Sex running them close i...more