Interview: Eliza and the Bear
The curiously named London based quintet that is Eliza and the Bear got in touch recently to promote their new song “It Gets Cold”, current UK to...more
We Three And The Death Rattle – WTATDR
With the release of their debut album WTATDR, We Three And The Death Rattle find themselves a Leicester sensation. The trio have been hotly tipped fo...more
CHAMPS – Down Like Gold
Down Like Gold is the debut album from CHAMPS, a duo of brothers hailing from the Isle of Wight. Michael and David Champ craft beautiful music, focus...more
Beans on Toast – Giving Everything
As a present to himself and the world, Beans on Toast will be releasing his customary annual album, on his birthday the 1st December 2013 via Xtra Mil...more
Bossy Love – Me + You EP
Bossy Love will release their debut EP Me + You on the 21st October, with Amandah Wilkinson, the former front woman of Operator Please, co-writing and...more
The Presets – Pacifica
Australian duo The Presets present their third album Pacifica, a ten-track electro concoction. The opening track “Youth in Trouble” builds promis...more
PINS – Girls Like Us
PINS, a Mancunian all female four piece have created their androgynous debut Girls Like Us. The album opens with “It’s On”; a tense introductio...more
San Fermin – San Fermin
How can anyone born Ellis Ludwig-Leone not be destined for greatness? Following graduation from Yale University, he is the driving force behind San Fe...more
NARCS – Two Birds, One Stone Later
When I think of Yorkshire, three things come to mind: tea, puddings, and hard-edged indie rock. NARCS, a four piece from Leeds, fall firmly into the l...more
White Hills – So You Are… So You’ll Be
White Hills’ seventh studio album So You Are... So You’ll Be was created by Dave W on guitar, synthesizer and vocals, EgoSensation on bass, synth...more