Baaba Maal explores native rhythm for The Traveller
The beautiful thing about artists like Baaba Maal, somewhat akin to the recent dearly departed David Bowie, is that even into their 60s they are, or i...more
Sleaford Mods – Key Markets
Another Tory win, another speculative grin, as the margins between the have's and the have not's spread mercilessly farther apart like the elastic ban...more
Carl Orr, Meshell Ndegeocello @ Ronnie Scott’s, London, 13/05/2015
Surrounded by London’s gay enclave, Old Compton Street, Ronnie’s is a hallmark of Soho decadence and has been an ambassador for swinging London si...more
Braids – Deep In The Iris
Montreal band Braids are back with their third album Deep In The Iris. Lyric wise, as a book of poetry this should win some major award. Set to music ...more
Stealing Sheep – Not Real
Stealing Sheep are back with a big second record. After a very accomplished debut in 2012's Into The Diamond Sun, these three art-y Liverpool women ...more
CHAMPS could well be a band on their way to the big time. These two hard grafting brothers from the Isle Of Wight, Michael and David Champion, have t...more
The Brian Jonestown Massacre – + – EP
In the alphabet of rock’n’roll, ‘A’ should be reserved for Anton. Anton Newcombe is otherwise known as the founding father and leading mathema...more
Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Were
I Forget Where We Were is the title of Ben Howard’s second album. It comes three years after what I would describe as a modern classic, Every Kingdo...more
Interview: Fat White Family
If you like rock'n'roll or music in general you may well have come across Fat White Family at some point this year or last. And if you haven’t yet,...more
Introducing: Varsity
Varsity… Wow, I like this band, a lot. They’re from Chicago, they’re fronted by a chic young lady called Stephanie Smith, and they make really l...more