Introducing: Xenia Rubinos
It’s been tough writing about anything good this week, with a mind clouded by Wednesday morning’s result and what it means for Trump to have been ...more
Introducing: Hand Habits
In a world of frantic worry and continuous bad news, it’s only natural to feel rather overwhelmed. Let us attempt to sooth you for just a short mome...more
Introducing: Sarah Walk
The topic of dystopian futures is rife within our society these days. Every other day there’s a new journalist writing about the triggering of Arti...more
Introducing: Liyv
Some people just ooze creativity and do it effortlessly, rightfully stationing their fingers in a number of different artistry pies. Seattle based mus...more
Introducing: Campbell
Sultry and soulful are two good words to use if you’re looking to sum up New Zealander Campbell – but then what’s the fun in summing up a musici...more
Introducing: The Rival
Have you got an alt rock-shaped hole in your life that needs filling? Do not fret over a lack of frets and instead give American duo The Rival a chanc...more
Introducing: Tired Lion
Crashing drums, gritty guitar riffs with mighty chords, forceful vocals… It’s almost impossible to experience these elements of anthemic rock and...more
Introducing: The Seshen
We love a good fusion (forever in our hearts, Rav from Bake Off). Yes, you’ve got your country/pop, your indie/electronica, even your classical/pop ...more
Introducing: Julia Jacklin
Dear country cynics: if “I bought me a pick-up truck and drank three bottles of whiskey” isn’t your thing, well fine, but for the love of God pl...more
Introducing: Girl Ray
There are precious few things that successfully hook listeners to a track within the first few seconds, but the introduction of a flawless bouncy bass...more