Noisettes @ Baroque, London, 29/11/2012
Shingai Shoniwa is one of the coolest women in rock. She stands, diminutive in a gold lamé bodice and matching gold crinoline flanked by red velvet...more
Introducing: Baths
You may recognise track “Lovely Bloodflow” from an episode of Skins. But Baths, the solo project of LA based electro-musician and producer Will...more
Chike Newman, Shannon Wardrop, Colour the Atlas @ Water Rats, London, 21/11/2012
Dodging rain, Kings Cross commuters and a few remaining damp student demo lobbyists, I weave through the crowds onto Gray’s Inn Road and into a dist...more
Retrospective: Camille
Why use a drum kit when your stomach or arsehole will do? A question French body percussion pixie Camille Dalmais must surely ask herself before the c...more
Retrospective: Beck
If I could be one musician ever, it would be Beck. Encompassing virtually every genre into a brand of music often described as “post-modern pop r...more
Retrospective: Beirut
A YouTube comment on a live performance of “Nantes” filmed progressing down the stairwell in a dilapidated tenement building will stay with me f...more
Retrospective: Joanna Newsom
What's the likelihood of a classically trained harpist with a voice like an infant ever making it into the mainstream? Particularly after ambiguousl...more
Retrospective: Björk
“Octagon, polygon, pipes up an organ, sonic branches, murmuring drone, crystallizing galaxies, spread out like my fingers,” the instantly recogn...more
iamamiwhoami @ Ether Festival, Southbank Centre, London, 10/10/2012
The modernist theatrical grandeur of the Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall might seem like both the least and the most obvious venue for iamam...more
Tori Amos – Gold Dust
Tori Amos has had an incredible twenty year career as the exciting, experimental mad woman in rock music. Concept albums, songs sung by numerous alt...more