Hackney Wonderland Festival 2016 @ Hackney, London, 15 – 16/10/2016
It's a good thing Hackney Wonderland is primarily an indoor festival, ticket-holders only have to dash out in Saturday's torrential rain while hopping...more
Natalie McCool @ The Waiting Room, London, 28/09/2016
It's very easy to miss The Waiting Room, if you're not entirely sure what you're looking for. I manage to walk past it three times before actually fin...more
Siv Jakobsen, Benjamin Francis Leftwich @ Islington Assembly Hall, London, 22/09/2016
This is the first time I've seen Benjamin Francis Leftwich live, despite having been a fan for years. And after hearing the second album After the Rai...more
PUP @ The Dome, London, 09/09/16
It should be said that I am not expecting to 'love' this gig. Heavy punk rock was never a genre I was particularly invested in, but I knew people goin...more
Benjamin Francis Leftwich impresses with After the Rain
You might not have heard of Benjamin Francis Leftwich, but if you have, you’ll know that he never disappoints. He’s an artist who teeters on the e...more
Introducing: Bloodboy
There is no doubt that the concept of identity has been a central focus in popular culture for a while now. A space has been opened, and, within that ...more
Introducing: Lilac’s Daughter
Lilac's Daughter is starkly different to her musical contemporaries. In a sea of electronics, synth and computer-made sounds, she is a voice of acoust...more
Interview: Esper Scout and Finding Inspiration in Female Artists
It's pretty common for bands to give themselves off-the-wall names. The weirder the name, the more memorable the band. It's more unusual for that name...more
Skaters @ Oslo, London, 12/05/2016
I only heard about SKATERS a week ago. How I’ve managed to escape them so far, I have no idea. As this show makes abundantly clear, I’m in a minor...more
Little Grim @ The Macbeth, London, 11/05/2016
The Macbeth in Hoxton is a pretty small venue. But, as the saying goes, quality over quantity - the wooden decor and low-lighting lends itself perfect...more