Secret Garden Party 2017 @ Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire, 20-23/07/2017
I’m stumbling through a staff camping field at about 10pm on Friday night, with the first bit of time to stop and think in a few days.  24 hours in...more
Julia Holter @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 20/11/2016
There is a good reason why Julia Holter’s fourth album Have You In My Wilderness topped all of the albums of the year lists in 2015. A very good re...more
Cat’s Eyes @ Colston Hall, Bristol, 01/11/2016
This Anglo-Canadian duo, comprised of The Horrors' front man Faris Badwan and soprano and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Zeffira, is a real treat for t...more
Secret Garden Party 2016 @ Abbots Ripton, Cambridgeshire, 21 – 24/07/2016
A staple of the UK summer festival calendar, Secret Garden Party blasted off into space for another blinding event this year. As regulars will know, e...more
Latitude 2016 @ Henham Park, Suffolk, 14 – 17/07/2016
We arrive at Latitude 2016 in the blistering heat after a five hour drive, to focus on setting up camp for the four-day-long festival in Suffolk – ...more
Ones to Watch at Secret Garden Party 2016
As the British summertime finally arrives this week, albeit like buses and all at once, a myriad of colour and fantasy will descend on Abbots Ripton n...more
How pop star fashion has changed over the eras
Gear4DJs has come up with an ingenious new infographic to demonstrate the branding of popular acts, and how fashion can change drastically across er...more
How Drooble could be about to change social media for musicians
For years music lovers have mourned the lack of space online exclusively designed to meet, discuss and promote the arts. Now and thanks to internet en...more
Embracing the No Pop culture of music
'Alt pop' has for a few years now gathered steam as a generic term often employed to describe bands with an 'independent' edge to their otherwise pop...more
Interview: Scarlet Rascal prep for Simple Things
In the run up to Simple Things - Bristol's alternative inner-city festival taking place on Saturday 24th October 2015 - we'll be publishing exclusive ...more