Shimmering pop from Painted Palms and Horizons
For big synths, shimmering electro pop tunes and smooth youthful vocals, Painted Palms have got you covered. Horizons is the second full length offer...more
Understated indie pop: Widowspeak release All Yours
Widowspeak are one of those bands who sound as though they've been seamlessly transplanted here from another time. The summer of love is roughly the...more
Flo Morrissey – Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful
Flo Morrissey's new album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful makes you feel sad. It reaches inside of you and pulls out dark feelings. When it's raining at ni...more
The Milk Carton Kids – Monterey
The Milk Carton Kids’ third album Monterey could easily be mistaken for something utterly vintage. An airy ambiance precipitates even the first guit...more
Bernard + Edith – JEM
Bernard + Edith's debut album JEM is like a dark enchantress. The duo have a sound that cuts as sharp as a knife, yet somehow in the softest, most mag...more
Cold War Kids – Hold My Home
Straight up, the best songs from Hold My Home, the new album from Cold War Kids, are “All This Could Be Yours” and “Nights & Weekends”. Th...more
Light Brigade – Amber EP
The Amber EP from Light Brigade is a good thing that comes in a very small package indeed. There are just four neatly wrapped songs, but they're certa...more
Tom Brosseau – Perfect Abandon
Tom Brosseau's latest album Perfect Abandon is comparable to the beauty of nature: an amalgamation of discordance, which somehow equals grandeur and t...more
Catfish and the Bottlemen – Balcony
Catfish and the Bottlemen look to be a force to be reckoned with. After emerging in 2013 with just a couple of singles under their belt, they wen...more
Introducing: The Pierces
If The Pierces sound familiar, it's probably because one of their haunting hits from 2011 is buried in your psyche somewhere. "It Will Not Be Forgotte...more