Introducing: Flower Girl
Bandcamp sensation Flower Girl have been getting some significant attention from a number of indie magazines over the past few months, as the Brooklyn...more
Introducing: Two Legs
London musician Two Legs began his musical career playing in indie rock and punk bands, but he has been progressively moving towards electronic and ...more
Introducing: China Bowls
China Bowls is the first signed artist by Saffron Records, an emerging label exclusively devoted to music made by women under 24 years of age. Under t...more
Introducing: Savoy Motel
After signing to thriving label What’s Your Rupture?, Nashville band Savoy Motel are ready to release their long awaited debut album. The full leng...more
Ultimate Painting play it safe on Dusk
Dusk is the third studio album by London based duo Ultimate Painting, formed by Jack Cooper from Mazes and James Hoare from Veronica Falls. Recorded i...more
Introducing: Hollow Mask
Bristol two-piece Hollow Mask excel at making noise pop that recalls the genre’s origins - they’ve got the noisy guitars, the careless vocals, an...more
Introducing: Forth Wanderers
New Jersey teen sensation Forth Wanderers are on the verge of releasing their first EP under a well-known label (the strong-willed, independent Marath...more
Angel Olsen explores 70s rock on breakthrough album My Woman
Angel Olsen’s first two records established her as one of the most talented songwriters of this decade. Olsen is an extremely gifted singer with an...more
Wild Beasts go dark and electronic on Boy King
Wild Beasts were never your typical late 00s white male rockers lauded by the NME. For years, they were arguably one of Britain’s most forward-think...more
Introducing: Terry
When it comes to rock music, sometimes the best way to stand out from the crowd is to have a strong sense of humour. Self-mockery has been a big part ...more