Introducing: Beloved Binge

اذهب الآن Beloved BingePunk rock – and we mean, real punk rock – doesn’t seem to exist beyond the boundaries of a few select states. Which means we’re more than happy to accept emails from across the pond, if only to keep our quota for the genre at a healthy capacity. Ergo when Seattle band أفضل موقع Beloved Binge contacted us about their ‘Bad Habits’ European tour, we were all ears.

خيار ثنائي الروبوت GUIDA

حاول ذلك Formed in Durham, NC, Beloved Binge comprises front woman Eleni Binge and Rob Beloved, who are possibly avoiding capture by giving us fake names. Factual information may be in doubt, but one thing’s for sure: as a musical duo, they know how to make clattering, frantic guitar based music they’ve dubbed ‘misfit pop’. They complete their line-up with drums, bouzouki and a MicroKorg.

قراءة ما قاله Last week Beloved Binge brought their music to British shores with three performances in London, Bristol and Leeds respectively. Performing alongside the well paired نرى Y Cvn, they’re sure to have made a few more fans in the UK thanks to their efforts.

Watch the new video for “Miso: I don’t like people” below and find out more about Beloved Binge here.