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Los Campesinos! @ The Exchange, Bristol, 18/11/2015
Not playing your best known song is a controversial move. It can alienate those in the crowd who are more casual observers; those who only know the ...more
The Mountain Goats @ Trinity Centre, Bristol, 17/11/2015
The year is 1985. American professional wrestler Dusty Rhodes faces his arch nemesis Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. He is def...more
J Fernandez, Porches @ MOTH Club, London, 09/11/2015
Hailing from Chicago, via Little Rock, Arkanasa via Filipino parents, J Fernandez finds himself in the newly revamped ex-forces, ex-trade hall, wateri...more
Idles, Protomartyr, METZ @ Fleece, Bristol, 03/11/2015
Despite their culturally different backgrounds, Idles, Protomartyr and METZ are very similar bands in terms of their circumstances and passion. Sharin...more